Tourism poster

Here is  a small attempt at the vintage poster assignment. It isn’t much but when I first saw the Tokyo, Japan, poster, my mind immediately went to Godzilla since he was very popular back then (and still is) due to his appearance in the Toho films, so I did just that.

First I took vintage poster for Japan as well as a silhouette of godzilla

I lassoed the jet silhouette and past three separate ones flying in one direction making it look like they’re circling around while another jet attacks Godzilla

Then I cut and place the explosion silhouette on top of Godzilla to show some sort of effect the jets are having on him

Which would then result in this


At the beginning of the year on the first day of class, I saw a post that had a glitchy and overall pretty cool gif of some vaporwave and remembering back to it at the end of this semester, I decided to make my own vaporwave from scratch. At first I wasn’t too sure what to put in the image since I never did vaporwave before so I decided to put in a little research. I found that they all shared similar themes of soft but vibrant colors, roman busts with weird effects added to them or none at all, dolphins, and some quotes that people going through a midlife crisis would make. Also some random Japanese words. So here it is, an attempt at some vaporwave.

It started off with creating a background gradient of the pink and blue seen here but slightly lighter

I got this color palette from this website

Then I placed the colorful ooze and grid

The hardest, but not really, part was the roman bust. first I had to magic wand the background out and erase some parts of the head in order to place a image of pool water behind the bust layer in order to fill in the empty spaces left by the magic wand.

Then I had to this picture of a purple waterfall

And erased everything except for the waterfall itself and the stream it fell into

The waterfall has to be flowing from something so I put a can of Arizona green tea since it fits the aesthetic.

it was all pretty easy from there since I just had to paste a vhs overlay over the entire image, copy and paste some dolphins coming out of the stream, the dream picture, the Japanese words over the busts’ eyes (which means spoon, like the utensil), and some edgy quote in the middle.

ZINE project #1

Here is my first completed image for the ZINE project which I feel isn’t the best I could’ve done so in the days leading up to the due date, I might make at least one more image for the project


GIF project

Here are two still images that I decided to turn into transitioning gifs

The first being the world renowned chef, Gordon Ramsey who is considered the greatest chef as well as a meme for his TV shows Kitchen Nightmares, and Hell’s Kitchen. As I was making this gif, I thought of all the times Gordon Ramsey was nice at first and would slowly descend into madness as he works with the most incompetent people in the food industry. This is reflected in the gif as it starts off with the normal picture of him and transitioning into a darker version of himself.

For the second GIF, I decided to pick an evening shot of a street in Vietnam. The main focus of the image was the sky and the lanterns so the first frame of the GIF is black and white and as it goes on, the sky and lanterns would light up first and give the impression of lighting the whole street up

CT101 Impressions

Walking into class on the first day and noticing it was a pretty small class in a computer lab






It only got better when Ryan went over the syllabus

Learn how to make gifs and memes

How to use Adobe Photoshop, Aftereffects, etc

and to top it all off, all work is done on the computer and no written exams

Then came the introductions…









Overall, I think this class is pretty chill with a cool professor and I’m pretty excited about what we’re going to learn throughout the semester

Stuff that make me happy

One of the things that’s making me happy is the upcoming release of Borderlands 3 on September 13th, which is the third, technically fourth, installment of the franchise. This game introduces various new mechanics, features, and a wide variety of worlds and enemies to explore and encounter overall, every aspect of this game differs greatly from the previous installments in the best way possible.

I also enjoy browsing reddit because it has pages (subreddits) on prettymuch everything but I mostly use it for the memes.

These memes came from reddit dankmemes

Side Project #1

So my friends went to a wedding and one of them wasn’t able get in the group photo so I took it upon myself to Photoshop him into the group photo. This looks rather rough due to the difference in lighting but came out pretty decent

Chimetric Composition complete

Well, here it is. Honestly, it didn’t take as long as I expected to finish as it only took around 5 hours.

Before I started working on the challenge, I wanted to make something that was simple but also somewhat aesthetically pleasing in a vapor wavey way so I found these 3 google images of clouds, Himeji castle in Hyogo, Japan and a simple picture of space. The process was a bit tedious due to creating multiple layers and making it look like the castle was behind the clouds and cleaning up everything to make it looks smooth but in the end, it turned out pretty good.

The final product was made using Pixlr X which is great for those that aren’t too comfortable with the Adobe Photoshop UI, or don’t have Adobe Photoshop at home.




Can memes be art??

Yes, memes can and will always be a form of art since its a great form of communication and allows people to freely express themselves through jokes. Art, by definition, is a way for people to express their creativity and emotions and I feel like memes fits this quite well. Art is also very subjective. For example, a person would look at a meme and completely miss the meaning behind it but would take one look at a canvas of random shapes and colors and suddenly feel enlightened and vice versa.

Here’s some memes I found while procrastinating


Well, it ain’t much but here it is. Although I have my own website, I won’t be leaving the ct101 site entirely but I will be doing a good 85%-90% of my work on this website. This site is going to be dedicated to improving my Photoshop skills and learning a 3D modeling program